Candy Cane Cupcakes

Tis the season for potlucks, and potlucks, and a few other potlucks. I have tried so hard to be creative about what to bring, but crock pot recipes are boring and typically full of meat, and quite frankly, I have no other kitchen gear that would help keep food warm on even the smallest trek to a home.

In the past two weeks I have had two potlucks. For the first one, I made a tomato, mushroom, and mozzarella quiche. Totally easy, versatile, and I was able to use my new Le Creuset 12 inch cast iron pan. The pan is amazing, as was the quiche. Le Creuset, as I have said here before, is hands down my favorite kitchen cooking brand. The products are amazing.

Today though, I am here to tell you about Candy Cane Cupcakes. Who has time for cupcakes when there are so many cookies to bake, you might ask. I promise though, you should make the time for these babies. Easy to make chocolate and vanilla cake, with a lovely peppermint butter cream frosting. Simple, not overly minty, and delicious.

The cake portion of the cupcake recipes come from my favorite baking book, "Organic and Chic." I posted about it here before. The vanilla cake is simply to die for. The frosting came from Peanut Butter and Julie's Blog. Together, the two foods move mountains, and help to clear out nostrils in this cold New England weather.

So instead of making your 12th batch of cookies tonight, reach for this recipe. You won't be let down.

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