A Brief Hiatus

Sometimes life takes control of your free time, aka blogging time, as has been the case with me. I typically cook and write my blog posts on weekends, however, the past few have been crazy busy with guests, Easter, house hunting, dog walking, and half marathon training. While my cooking has certainly not stopped, my picture taking certainly has, due to an overloaded brain.

Finally though, life is slowing down, so you will get to see loads of posts soon, many involving my cooking extravaganza this past weekend, and my excitement for all spring veggies.

In the meantime though, check out a few of my current favorite things...
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Boston Brunchers visit the Biltmore Bar & Grill

I have been following the Boston Brunchers on twitter for about 3 months, and have finally had the opportunity to join the lively bunch for brunch this past weekend. I was lucky enough to win a seat at the table from a contest run by Recipe Can, and boy am I glad I won! Not only did I get to sit next to Katy of Recipe Can, but I also was able to enjoy 5 courses of delicious brunch provided by Biltmore Bar & Grill in Newton.

Every single course was unique and scrumptious. I was certainly glad that I wore my big girl pants, because I had a LOT of food to eat!

The first course was a Lobster Frittata with sauteed pea tendrils on top. Biltmore did not skimp on the lobster, which made the frittata that much more tasty.

Next up was a chive buttermilk biscuit topped with a poached egg and cheese hollandaise sauce. This was my favorite savory dish because the biscuit was so moist and warm, and I love poached eggs. I will be trying to recreate this at home!

Thirdly, we had Biltmore's version of Pigs in a Blanket. A homemade pancake was wrapped around house made sausage, and topped with maple syrup. Let me first say that I have not eaten sausage in abut 15 years, and I dared myself to try this sausage. I was not disappointed, in fact, I wanted more!

Fourth up was Fried Chicken and Waffles served with a maple apple syrup. This dish was quite different from the chicken and waffles that I am familiar with- I am used to seeing the chicken served in a gravy rather than a fried chicken piece on top of the best tasting waffles ever. Unfortunately, I cannot eat fried chicken, but I did devour the entire waffle. The waffle was actually grilled after cooking, which caramelized all of the sugars in the batter.

Lastly, Biltmore served us granola and berry parfaits topped with fresh made whipped cream. Like pretty much everything else, the granola was house made, and delicious! I ate the entire thing!

I loved the Biltmore Bar & Grill. The staff was friendly, the service was timely, and the food was to die for. I will definitely be going back- as soon as I wake up from the food coma that I am still in!