St Patty's Day Sugar Cookies

St Patrick's Day for me, as I am not Irish, seems to always get lost in between fasnacht day and Easter for my heritage. However, this year I decided to be on the ball with it. Some might say proactive even!

I had seen a recipe that I wanted to try from Sprinkle Bakes involving spiral sugar cookies, and thought it would be perfect for St. Patty's Day. While I used her idea, I did not use her sugar cookie recipe, because we already have a favorite one in our house, and nothing compares.

To make the spiral cookies, you will need to first make a full batch of regular sugar cookie dough. When it is complete, divide in two, place one half in the refrigerator wrapped in saran wrap, and keep the other half in your mixing bowl, because you still need to add green food coloring! Drop about 10 drops of green into the dough, and mix on medium until fully incorporated. Depending on your desires, add more food coloring.

The rest of the recipe is easy, roll out both doughs and place one on top of the other, and roll together to create the spiral shape. To add sprinkles to the outside, I first had to add milk to the outer layer of the dough, and then dip in the sprinkles, otherwise they did not stay attached.

The cookies tasted like any other sugar cookie recipe, but they were much prettier! Try them out as I am sure they will impress your friends!

Spiral Sugar Cookies
adapted loosely from Sprinkle Bakes

Your favorite sugar cookie recipe- I used a BH&G sugar cookie recipe
Food Coloring

Mix together your sugar cookie dough. Divide in 2. Place one half in saran wrap in the refrigerator. Keep the other half in the mixing bowl. Add food coloring to your taste (I used about 10 generous drops of green). Place the colored dough in the refrigerator too. When the dough has been chilled for a about an hour, you can take it out and start rolling it out in rectangular shape. Roll both colors, and then place one on top of the other. Pinch together the ends, and roll into a spiral shape. You can either chill your dough again, or begin to cut the cookies. Roll the outer edge of the cookies in a thin layer of milk. Immediately dip in the sprinkles, and then place on cookie sheet. Once the cookie sheet is full, bake at the recipe's time and temperature. Remove from oven and enjoy!

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