Back at It- Finally!

I promised to be back to blogging after my wedding, and I didn't come back. Then I made several attempts of setting deadlines for myself to be back at it- you know, after the family vacation, after a major job switch, after my birthday- you know the drill. Finally though, I realized that I missed blogging terribly and needed to have it back in my life. I'm hoping to be more regular with posting, and am super excited to really put my new DSLR to use. It was a wedding present to myself, and has gone very unused, much to my dismay. Typically I forget I even have it, which is quite awful. I plan to move it to a spot in my house that is much more in eyesight so that I never forget to pull it out when cooking.

Thankfully, I was still cooking and using all of my lovely shower and wedding gifts during my long absence, which means that my skills have not diminished, but rather, improved. I'm super excited to be back at sharing my meals with a bigger community!

Sidebar to all of this- while I do plan on posting more regularly, I also plan on broadening this blog's focus to include more aspects of my life. While I do love to cook and chat about it, I feel that it is probably better to keep the scope of my blog space a little wider which will allow me to discuss many different topics. There have been quite a few changes in my life, and I would love to write about my ever evolving situations, and how I try to cope with them, and use food as a method to both relieve stress, and provide community for others.

Without further ado, here are a few things that I've done in the past 6 months.

Visited family in Atlanta- This is my cousin's wife, me, and a few of her friends at Sweetwater Brewing Company

Loads of carrots from our garden this summer. Surprisingly, the carrots grew extremely well in our crazy New England weather

Using up lots of chard from our garden to make a delicious baked chicken and chard dinner courtesy of Martha Stewart Living magazine.

The first of many, many batches of Christmas cookies.

Meet Porter, our new puppy aptly named after my favorite style of beer. We now have both a beer and a cheese dog.

Camping in Freeport, Maine with the dogs.

Jack and me on our wedding day at the winery where we held our reception

Took part in my very first Reach the Beach relay in New Hampshire with my new co-workers.

My husband (eek!), and me on our annual vacation at the New Jersey shore with my family

This is a picture of the cake table at our wedding and the 18 cakes that Jack and I made for our guests.


  1. Missed your blog, glad to see all is well.Loved all the wedding cakes!
    Laurie S / slow food bridgewater

  2. Glad you are back at the blog !