How to Get a Le Creuset Dutch Oven...

Ever since I started cooking, you know, 3 months ago, I dreamed of owning a beautiful, lime green, cast iron Dutch oven.  See, I knew it would always be a dream instead of reality because I had 3 things in the way of owning one-the price tag, the fact that I owned one from Caphelon already, and a stingy boyfriend named Jack (Shhh. Don’t tell him I said that!).

Then one day after using the original Dutch oven, it broke while cooking on the stovetop. Pan=1, Jack=0. We agreed that we would try again with another identical red one from Caphelon. Then Easter happened, and my father tried to make the Julia Child Ham Glaze. The second one, yeah it broke in the same way the first one did. In 2 months we had broken equally as many Dutch Ovens. Pan=2, Jack=0.

So, we decided to invest in another one, but wanted a lower costing Cast Iron Dutch oven. After throwing around a few ideas, we were going to look at one at Kohl’s because I had a gift card, and they always have sales. Fortunately, a friend of mine from Slow Food (Thanks  Sharon!), mentioned a wine tasting that happened to be going on at a Le Creuset outlet near us.

My master plan all came together: Woo Jack after a week of being out of town with a wine tasting that just so happened to be located at a store that housed my dream Dutch oven. So, next step: Get Jack intoxicated, and get me a Dutch oven. We arrived at the wine tasting around 6:30, and started eating some cheese and drinking some wine. Sales people approached us several times and started explaining all of the benefits of owning one. Finally, he caved in, and we are now proud owners of a Lime Green 5 qt Le Creuset Cast Iron Oven. Boy, how my desires changed since moving to the suburbs…


  1. Break 2 Dutch ovens
  2. Woo significant other with girlish charms (and free wine!)
  3. Have encounters with knowledgeable salespeople
  4. Make sure significant other drinks a good amount of wine
  5. Kindly ask for one
  6. Purchase!

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