Let's Play: Identify the Vegetable

The last time that Jack and I took a trip to visit our faraway Whole Foods, we decided to find a mysterious vegetable to try. The criteria was that it had to be weird, something that we had never seen before, but had to be liked by both of us. That meant that carrots were out as I don’t like them in mass quantities. So Jack picked this odd-looking light lime green circular vegetable. The description said it was to taste like a squash, which we both do like. 

After a few days and still no idea of what it actually was (as neither of us remembered…), I decided to take a stab at it and cook it the only way I knew how-stuff it with cheese and mushrooms and garlic-only the best ingredients in the world!

So I have no recipe to follow other than this. Acquire these strange looking greenish squash like vegetables from your local, or in our case, not so local Whole Foods. Cut in half, carve out middle, and stuff with whatever your heart desires. I used a combination of mushrooms, chevre, minced garlic, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Upon tasting the vegetable, I found it to be exactly as Whole Foods described- like a squash. The texture was more of that of a radish or raw potato-juicy but crunchy. I would definitely buy this again, though Jack did not like it so much.

The overall outcome of my own special recipe creation was great in my opinion as it was made to fit my mood exactly. When finishing for leftovers the next day, my opinion was slightly different-not made for the microwave! Either way, I loved the dish, and have come to the conclusion that cheese, garlic, and mushrooms make anything better.

After reading this post, and the viewing the vegetable pictures, can somebody please tell me what we ate? :)

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