Breakfast Buns

A few months ago I posted about a breakfast I hosted at work, which entails feeding 20 hungry finance folks. This month, I had the chance to do it again. This time I decided to do a few more healthy items, as well as some not so healthy treats. So of course I am going to write about the not so healthy ones. Who wouldn't want to hear about Orange Cinnamon Honey Sticky Buns or Peaches and Cream muffins?

I really wanted to make a form of sticky buns because they remind me of the shore because my family always gets them. I am not always a lover of the white cream cheese frosting on most buns, so I looked for something different, and found the Orange Cinnamon Honey variety. I will admit, they do take some work, but most of the recipe is inactive as the dough has to rise twice (though the second time is overnight). The buns were absolutely phenomenal. They were loved by all, including myself. The owey gooey orange flavor really helped enhance the cinnamon, and the honey was just the right touch of sweetness. The only downside to the whole recipe? The amount of effort I had to put into not eating the entire dish!

Along with the sticky buns I made Emeril's peaches and cream muffins. The recipe was fantastic, and the muffins soft and creamy. I did make a mistake in the peaches though. I did not realize that they needed to be peeled prior to baking, and the peel turned blue in the oven! My muffins looked like they were moldy. Regardless, they were still delicious.

Overall the breakfast was a hit, and the hard work was totally worth it. My favorite part about cooking is giving such a great gift to another, and seeing the joy on their face. I will definitely be using both of these recipes again, and recommend trying them out!

Orange Honey Cinnamon Buns, Adapted from 17 and Baking
Peaches and Cream Muffins, Adapted from Emeril Lagasse

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  1. Oh my goodness... look at those orange honey cinnamon buns! I would appreciate anyone who made those for me. :)